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How did it all begin?


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In the year 2032, Earth astronomists looking beyond the edge of the solar system made a brand new discovery. The twentieth clearly identifyable solar system contained a planet, previously shadowed by its moon, that appeared to harbor valuable natural resources. After years of study and probing, the first manned expedition was sent to the world they named Herses, after its discoverer, the Greek astronomer Allesander H. Herses.
The successful expedition gave way to a promising future for the ever-growing population of Earth. In 2070, the first pioneers were sent to begin establishing colonies on Herses. Around this time, human beings nearly had their first encounter with another sentient species. The natives to Herses sister planet, Dirin, appeared in the skys, carried across space by freighter craft. They landed on the far side of the planet and spent the next few months gathering resources. Obviously out numbered and out matched, the humans kept a distant watch. The Dirinians, medium-sized bipeds with short haired bodies and camel-like heads, harvested everything from grains to plants to local animals to water. After the Dirinians left Herses, the humans continued to set up colonies, forming a small city on the opposite side of the world from where the Dirinians had landed. With no sign of a return from the Dirinians, people began to be shuttled from Earth to Herses.
As space craft technology advanced, interstellar travel became faster and more efficient. The first trip from Earth to Herses had taken nearly two years, a journey that required the crew to be frozen in suspended animation. Now, the journeys carrying immigrants from Earth to Herses were taking only a few weeks. By the year 2200, Gregorian days, the human population of Herses had grown to almost 200,000 people.
Then it happened. 200 years since the Dirinians had left their harvest on Herses, the transport freighters appeared once again in the atmosephere. This time, the humans could not go unnoticed. With an entire nation developing on Herses, it was without any doubt the Dirinians had seen them during their landing. The pure truth of this came to be known a short time later.
The humans sent a scout team to observe and perhaps rendevous with the arrivals. The team did not return. Within a month of their landing, the Dirinians appeared riding on Dirinian steeds, at the edge of the city. Human emissaries were captured, and the Dirinians pushed to seige the city. A weeks worth of battle left the city in ruins and under Dirinian control. They took thousands of hostages, and contacted Earth. The humans were shocked to learn that a few of the camel-faced creatures were nearly fluent in seven Earthen languages. They also learned that the Dirinians, who had nearly prefected space travel centuries ago, had once been to Earth, seen it occupied, and repected the occupation. They had long been on a journey to find another planet with resources to replenish their own dying world. They had also accidentally found Herses, and began to harvest the supplies needed for Dirin. The appearance of humans on Herses was taken as great offense to the Dirinians, who had once given up what they believed was their only chance at survival out of respect for Earth's inhabitants. Since the humans had already seen the world as it was, under Dirinian control, and continued to build their cities, the Dirin people waged a war against Earth.
For years, the war between Dirin and Earth went on. After many unlawful tactics were taken by the Earths governments in order to defeat the Dirinians, many humans began defecting. Soon, there were nearly as many humans fighting against Earth as for it. Bases, garrisons, and space stations began to pop up on both sides all along the galactic space between Dirin/Herses and Earth.
On a routine prisoner transfer, one Earth-bound prison ship took a wide detour to avoid a Dirinian blockade. The ship held thousands of captured Rogue humans that fought with the Dirinians. While working their way through uncharted regions of space, the ship drifted completely of course, and ended up far beyond the edges of known space.
Totally out of fuel and now only drifting through space, the prison ship located a lone planet with apparently stable atmospheric conditions. Though a reasonably good location for a stranded ship, the crew of the massive prison ship had no means of landing the craft. With all reserve fuel burnt out, the drives could not be activated...and they were drifting dangerously close to the planets gravitational pull. As it would have it, the planets grip took hold of the ship and pulled it down. The crash was devestating. None of the crew or passangers survived. Except a small container that had been built crash resistant, which housed all the children on board the ship. Both the crews children and the prisoner children had been kept here, and now were emerging from their compartment. Children, ages ranging from 6-11, tried desperately to assess what had happened. Other than that there was a crash and a devestating death toll, none of the children were yet mature enough to realize exactly where they were or how they had gotten there.
Immedietly, however, there was a division among the ranks of children. Those who had been family to the prisoners took command and forced the crew's children into the jungles, forcing them to survive off the land, and work as a team to stay alive.

a thousand generations later.....

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