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The World

A description of the world of Altur and the World Map.


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The Races: (current list)


This is a race of small seemingly fragile humaniod magic users. The Alturians are believed to be the original species on the planet Altur, the other races either derived from the same creation period, or came in another way. The co-exist with humans, but are not friendly towards Galivians. Their skin holds a strange pale blue tone, and their skin is immaculate to look upon. These beings are described as angelic, beautiful, but forever cold. While their pallor, or abilities do not directly hold an ice element, they are scorned as the ice people, and unnaturals.

History of the Alturians:

The Alturains originated with the planet Altur, from the common belief as a holy body. The old documents claim that upon the creation of Altur, Genema created one being. "The being was considered the perfect person, however he had no mate. Genema's creation became angered with his creator, and fought back agains the God. Genema, being immortal, destroyed his creation with a swift quartering, he severed the creations head, and let it fall to the planet, he cut off each of its feet just above the shin, and let them fall together in the deep recesses of the southernmost caves, the arms, he cut off at the shoulders and used them to strike the planet, and create the mountains, he left the arms there. And with the torso, he ripped out the heart, content on not letting the creation survive, and threw the corpse down to the earth in the plains, where it turned into the fertile soil, the heart he cast down to the plains as well, and it did not dissolve, it turned into the water and streams that kept the plains alive." This is the common and religious belief of how the 5 races came to be in their places among Altur. The Alturians pride themselves on their knowledge, and are believed to be descended from the head of Genema's creation. The scientific history of the Alturians are that the humans of the order evolved from the planet, after a cataclismic crash of meteors onto the surface, scarring the south, and planting the necessary elements to start life. The humans, upon their realization of their knowledge, started to learn about their surroundings, after several thousand years, they acquired the old documents from ruins deep in the plains, and tried to recreate this perfect being that genema created. Using their wizards and other magic users, they tried to conjur a perfect creature to use in their attempt to control the planet of Altur. The experiment failed, and they tried again, again, it failed. After several hundred years of these experiments, one doctor, believed to be insane, used a human specimen to start the creation and set down the basic guidelines for how the creature is to be formed. After several months of work, their experiment encountered a stunning change, the human body, split into two beings, a large half and a small half. The large immediately took to its environment and showed was able to be sustained, the second half required constant care, and a nitrogen rich breathing state. The doctors did not know where to go with these two new specimens, so they tried to have them survive any way possible. Thir work proved successful. The larger half, grew to 10 feet tall, and proved to be a nuisance because of its height. the smaller half stayed at a 5' foot length, and proved innocent but forever saddened by its captivity. Several years after the new life forms adapted to their world, an attack on the lab from outside forces abducted the large half of the body, and he was last seen being taken to the mountains of the south and west.


See the "History" for the human history.


Huge warlike, man-beasts are the best way to describe the brutal and merciless Galivians. Often growing to a height of 7 to 8 feet tall, they enjoy the use of steel weapons, for hunting and war. Some of the more prominent features of these creatures are horns growing from their scalp, much like that of a goat, or ram, increased canine teeth growth, extremely increased muscle mass, and occasionally a tail, in a range of 1' - 4' long. The basic habitat of the Galivians is cave formations, volcanic areas, and sometimes the deep woods. They often conduct raids to attain their food, from the Rogue camps, Order fortresses, or other race villages.


The Mordissa, are the night-wanderers. Any being who has encountered one and survived has described them as thin, furry, rodent-like humanoid people. These nocturnal killers, have large ears to increase their night-time navigation, much like that of a bat. They do not fly, but are very nimble, and often use jumping from structure to structure in their hunting pattern. The habitat of these creatures, is solely in the woods, and they awake when the sun is fully set. Fables have been made that these are true vampires, claiming that they like to feast on the blood of humans. This may or may not be true. Covered with coarse black fur, they are diffucult or nearly impossible to see at night, but they can see everything, with their very developed irises in their eyes. They can dialate their eyes to a full eye opening, giving them virtual night-vision.

The Nironese:

Another example of the horrors on Altur, the Nironese, a species half serpent and half human, are extremely intellegent, and extremely deadly. While lithe and frail looking to the eye, these reptilian beasts have remarkable strength, supernatural reflexes, and remarkable cunning. Their main drawback is the fact that they possess a rather unpleasant trait that reptiles carry, in that they're cold-blooded. These creatures live primarily in the equatorial area of Altur, and enjoy the swamp surrounding. While most have no poison in their jaws, some have been given their "gift".

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